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11 Feb 2016
Multilingual Digital Marketing
With the rise in layoffs and the recession still looming, more people are looking for a Network Marketing home business opportunity than ever before. And make no mistake about this -- people don't join companies, they don't join because of products, plus they don't sign up because of compensation plans.

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People join leaders whom they believe will take them "to the promised land" -- financial freedom, time freedom, as well as freedom.

One of the questions I recieve most often from my blog readers is, "How should i become a network marketing leader who others may wish to follow?

There is a myth operational that leaders are born and have certain advantages over others less fortunate -- they may be smarter, or better connected, or wealthier. But the fact is that leaders usually are not born, they are made. And folks do not become leaders a single giant step. Rather, leadership comes from a series of small, distinct steps performed over and over again without fail.

It has never been more true when compared to Network Marketing.

If you want to be a top network marketing leader, there are 4 rituals that you must follow each and every day. They all are inclusive; that is, all 4 have to be followed and missing just 1 will reduce the likelihood that you will get to be the leader you desire.

Here are the 4 daily and essential steps to becoming a top Network Marketing Leader:

Visualization of Goals

Leaders visualize their dreams on a daily basis, most commonly initial thing in the morning and/or late at night before sleeping. They are very specific during these goals, such as making $50,000 in the next month, or getting 200 low priced leads per day. They visualize themselves, in great detail achieving these goals -- where these are, who they are with, and in what way it feels. Top mlm leaders are definitely not vague regarding goals.

Performing Income Producing Activities

For an online marketer, this is dependant on two things: driving traffic with their website and emailing prospects. These are the only 2 activities that earn cash, and top mlm leaders spend the majority (>80%) of their time each day practicing these tasks. It might be setting up a video, writing articles or press release, or building out pay-per-click campaigns, no matter. What does matter is that the majority of their time is used on income producing activities.

Masterminding Along with other Leaders

Leaders spend some time each day masterminding with other leaders. It may be in the form of a formal mastermind group, a workout call or webinar, or a simple phone call with another entrepreneur. Top marketers make use of this time to brainstorm and toss ideas for growing their business.

Expecting and Encouraging Leadership In Others

Leaders expect others to become leaders and use them as such. Most of all, they raise the leadership bar of these people, inspiring these phones reach higher and be top network marketing leaders themselves.

These 4 rituals -- goal visualization, income producing activities, masterminding, and empowering others -- followed daily will, after a while almost certainly result in increased sales, recruitment, as well as a reputation as a top Network Marketing leader.


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